event management without the stress.

Planning an event or company party is hard work and can be extremely stressful. That's why our goal is to help you feel less stressed. With Celebrate for Good, we deliver an amazing and engaging experience to your employees and coworkers, while providing your company the opportunity to give back. The best part? We do all the work and you get all of the credit! That means you get to wear the title of event organizer without any of the hard work that comes from actually planning an event. Bye-bye stress and hello good times.



Introduce Yourself

Fill out a quick questionnaire to tell us a little bit about your company and your event. We promise it's ridiculously simple. If you're not sure what your party will look like at the moment, don't worry, we'll help come up with some creative party ideas during step 2. 


Chat With One of Our Experience Designers

We know a thing or two about planning the perfect event. Our Experience Designers will schedule a quick phone call to go over the details and show you how we can organize and manage the best event possible for you and your team. Need some inspiration? We've got you covered.


Sit Back While We Take Care of the Details

Now it's your turn to sit back, and relax. We sweat the details so you don't have to. Our team takes care of those pesky communications with vendors, and ensures your corporate event is flawless start to finish. This includes food, drink, photography, videography, decor, staging, and more! We even manage all aspects of setup and tear-down at your chosen venue. Finally, we create an RSVP page for you to share with your employees, making your life that much easier. 


Post Event Perks

Your work will be over well before the event starts, but we keep the party going even after your event is done. First, we send you all of the awesome photos and videos taken at your event. Then, we generate a custom survey for you to send to your team or guests through a simple, shareable link. Finally, we create a digestible graphic showcasing the highlights of your event, along with the contribution to your charitable cause, so that you can tell the right story to the right people.

What our events look like

We're not your average event planning company. Typically, the goal of an event manager is to make sure things go according to plan, and that all of the details of the party are executed on properly. However, it's easy to get lost in planning details and forget about the most important aspect of you party....having fun! We know how to make a good plan come together, and we do it in a way that's fresh, engaging, and fun!  Here's a preview of what you can expect when you choose to Celebrate for Good!

Let's Talk About Your Event