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the party

Everyone can agree that December in Tucson is vastly different than any other locale. Where else can you wear shorts in the dead of winter, right? Although we may not have traditional white Christmases, we do have unique traditions of our own. Celebrate this holiday season in true Old Pueblo style and the best part is you get to pick and choose the items you want to include based on your budget!


How it works

  • You choose your details using the calculator below based on the items you want to include and depending on your budget
  • You receive a calculated price for a party of 25 (average cost), we can help you calculate the cost for any party size!
  • Fill out the form below the calculator
  • We plan all of the details
  • A percent goes to charity
  • You get to be a guest at your own party!

Venue Options

Payment Options

  • Pay in Full (RSVP link becomes a donation page)
  • Split entire amount between you and your guests (people will pay as they RSVP)
  • Pay a deposit and remainder paid for by guests (people will pay as they RSVP)