How to Throw the Best Galentine's Day Party This Year

Photo by Amber Lea Russell @amberlearussell

Photo by Amber Lea Russell @amberlearussell

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time of the year to show someone whom you are romantically interested in or someone you love that you care about them,, but have you heard of Galentine’s Day? Odds are since you are reading this article you are new to the idea of Galentine’s Day or are you are in the process of putting on the best Galentine's day party of the year. Either way we can help you here at Celebrate For Good!

Photo by Amber Lea Russell @amberlearussell

Photo by Amber Lea Russell @amberlearussell

So in this blog article we’re sharing with you the ins and outs of Galentine's day and how to celebrate this new unofficial holiday because if you aren’t hosting a Galentine’s Day party this year, you’ll definitely want to. We hope this helps you learn everything you need to know about this new fun holiday.

What is Galentine’s Day?

Galentine’s Day is the best day of the year to get together with your girlfriends and celebrate your friendships, because what is better than that? Galentine’s Day is typically celebrated on the day before Valentine's day on February 13 but you can also host a party on Valentine’s Day. It really just depends on you you plan to invite, if the girls you have in mind have significant others, they may not be able to attend on Valentine’s Day. So if you want to get everyone together, to avoid anyones Valentine’s Day plans we recommend getting together on the 13th, This makes it possible for the most amount of your friends to be able to attend your party.

Photo by Amber Lea Russell @amberlearussell

Photo by Amber Lea Russell @amberlearussell

Below is our step by step guide on everything you need to know for throwing your own Galentine’s Day party. We go into detail on each topic below on the main list:

  1. Find a location for your Galentine’s Day party

  2. Invite your girlfriends

  3. Decorate, decorate, decorate!

  4. Create an epic playlist

  5. Eat, Drink and Be Merry

  6. Party the night away!

For more details on this list, refer to our information below!

1. Find a Location

Photo by Amber Lea Russell @amberlearussell

Photo by Amber Lea Russell @amberlearussell

When looking for a great location, it all depends on how you want your Galentine’s party to feel. What time of day are you planning? What is your theme? Consider all of these questions when picking a location. It can be as simple as inviting your girls over to you place or you can even hire an event planner to help with an extravagant party that will blow your friends away! Basically, be selective in where you choose to host your party. Having your event at a local estate, urban rooftop or underground hideaway are just a few spots to look for. It still all goes back to the first question though and it is how you want your party and guests to feel. Do you want it to be close and intimate or light and full of fun. Once you pick your feel it is easy to find a great location.

2. How to invite your girlfriends

Have you ever received a mass email from the office saying there’s food downstairs and when you went to the breakroom, there was nothing left? No one likes impersonal, last minute invitations. Don’t just send a text or an email! Make it feel like your gal pals are invited to the party of the year. Handwrite an invite and send it because who doesn’t love receiving mail? Make sure to send them out a couple weeks ahead of time so they can save the date and everyone can plan accordingly.

3. Decorate, decorate, decorate!


Figure out the theme of the party and dream up how you want the ambiance to feel. Create the atmosphere with gorgeous decorations! You can DIY a lot of these decorations or find a cheap option. Here’s a list of some things you can include in your Galentine’s Day party:

  • Flowers

  • Plants

  • Cute Prints

  • Heart-shaped Sunglasses

  • Paper Heart Garland

  • Heart Confetti

  • Tealight Candles

  • Glitter

  • Insta-worthy props

  • Fancy gold silverware

  • Gold plates

4. Create an epic playlist


No one likes dead silence between the chatter. Fill in the spaces with some music. DJs nowadays can become costly and there’s so many ways you set the tone yourself. Here’s some ideas of what you can do… You can go old school and borrow a vintage record player and put on a record. Or you can get a bluetooth speaker and put together a playlist of your favorite songs to jam out to with your friends or have the girls submit suggestions with their RSVPs. If you have too much going on to make a playlist, don’t worry! We made one for you here. (insert playlist)

5. Eat, Drink and Be Merry


A party isn’t a party without food! Create a menu or hire a caterer for a night filled with good food and yummy treats! There are many local spots that offer catering so it isn’t as expensive as it used to be. (Bonus points: they usually deliver!) Sweets are always a good option but make sure there’s some other choices so your guests don’t leave hungry. (When in doubt, pizza is always a winner.) Don’t forget to include cocktails or mocktails!

6. Party the night away!


Whether you plan a DIY night, movie marathon or dance party, always plan to take alllll the photos. Buy a couple props or make your own and have an impromptu photoshoot before your guests leave the party. There’s no better way to remember this night with your girlfriends. If you don’t know how to set one up, here’s a couple suggestions on how to make your own photobooth. (link)

Good luck and Happy Galentine’s Day from the CFG family! If you try any of these tips, share your party on Instagram and tag us (@celebrate_for_good) because we would love to see how it turned out.

The Top Corporate Culture Driving Events You Should Host in 2019


Employees are not engaged at work. As millenials dominate the workforce, issues of engagement and turnover are becoming increasingly important across corporations, because decreases in engagement and increases in turnover dramatically effect the bottom line.

In fact, the cost of millennial turnover is nearly $30 Billion in the US alone with 64% of all employees noting that they feel burned out either sometimes or most of the time. That’s a lot of people.

So the question then becomes, not only how do companies prevent burnout and turnover, but how do the reinvest in their culture to ensure both of those outcomes are accomplished?

One way to accomplish a more engaging cultural environment within your organization is to host events that involve experiential elements that boost morale, honor employee’s efforts, and celebrate the year by not working (i.e. holiday parties). Here at Celebrate for Good, we happen to match this experiential component with charitable giving aspect — you can find more information about our process here.

In the meantime, we have put together a list of events you can use to boost employee engagement and retention. If you need help with the rest — give us a ring!

  1. Milestone Socials

Photo Credit:  TJ Roxas Photography

Photo Credit: TJ Roxas Photography

Global studies have noted that 79% of people who quit their jobs cite “lack of appreciation” as their reason for leaving (source: Forbes). How can you accomplish employee recognition via events?

  • Appreciation dinners or cocktail dinners for your top sales people

  • Team happy hours for reaching quarterly

  • Anniversary events for employees who have been with the company for an extended period of time

  • Any other milestones you track each year — involve your employees by being transparent about when you reach your goals (and when you don’t) so that people feel a part of the mission and goals of the company!

2. Ropes Course Free Corporate Retreats

Photo Credit:  Holly H. Photography

Photo Credit: Holly H. Photography

The new team building isn’t more complicated, it doesn’t need bells and whistles, and it definitely does need a ropes course. Today’s generation is scaling things back to basics: quality time with other humans in unique settings. You can host a:

  • Beer campout

  • Cabin getaway

  • Glamping experience in a yurt (yes a yurt).

Remember that corporate retreats are spent with those you work with, but your employees don’t need to talk about work. The time you spend out of the office (not talking about the latest project you are working on) will naturally create more energy, better ideas and more focus on that project they left behind when they do return.

Want more proof? Check out this article from Fast Company “What Happened When I Moved”

3. Bon Voyage Events for Retirement and Exiting Employees

Hosting a celebration for an employee who will no longer contribute to your business may seem counter-intuitive. However, the last moments that those employees have with you will determine if they recommend you to other top talent in the future, which will effect your business. Besides, that employee contributed to the advancement of your company, and that should be honored! Here are a few ideas to get your mind jogging:

  1. Wine and Hors D’oeuvres night with a private chef

  2. Rooftop Dinner Party at Agustin Kitchen

4. The New Holiday Event

celebrate for good 014.jpg

Ballrooms have been the standard venue for corporate events for — well, forever. However, what has been done forever isn’t always the best option. Change up the locale of your holiday party from a giant room to a more intimate space (that still supports your guest count). A few ideas:

  1. A revamped warehouse space for a pop up concert

  2. A cooking class and three course meal taught and prepared by a local chef

  3. A sit down dinner in a historic location

5. Welcome Dinners

study by the analyst firm, the Aberdeen Group, found that 86% of the survey respondents said that as a new hire, their decision on whether they will stay with an organization is made within the first six months of employment. (Source: Emplo) A few ideas to welcome your newest team members:

We provide welcome dinners for new people at local companies so that your newest employees feel welcome in their new city and lay down roots where your company operates. For more information, email

6. Promotion Celebrations


It doesn’t have to be fancy — but it is nice to celebrate your accomplishments with your team (and perhaps your significant other)! A few ideas:

7. Better Meetings

Photo Credit: @starrherr (Instagram)

Photo Credit: @starrherr (Instagram)

Everyone has had that meeting that could have been an email. Make sure that your meetings are:

  • Working Meetings - Accomplish tasks while you are in the room so that you aren’t giving your employees additional “homework” to do when they get back to their desk (in addition to their already growing list of tasks)

  • Team Workshops - Learn something new as a team! Learn how to make something with your hands (see some of Creative Tribe Workshop’s events here), try a private wine tasting or take a field trip off site to do a little bit of meeting or a little bit of lounging (we recommend something like the new Under Canvas glamping spot at Tanque Verde Guest Ranch)

  • Weekend Brainstorm - Head to a place where ideas roam free (and decisions aren’t made quite yet). Stick them all on post-its and process them when you return to the company compound! A wine excursion with Rune Wines should do the trick.

8. Client Appreciation Dinners

CFG Tucson Cocktails_Kristen Brockel_42.jpg

Your clients are the life blood of your business. In a world where people pick up their phone to text more than they do to give someone a call, human connection is more important than ever. Sure, you can automate your lead-gen process but how long will that relationship last without a little building afterward? In fact, 68% of customers leave because they believe the business does not care about them. Wine and dine your clients in a unique way this year with:

9. Quarterly Birthday Celebrations

Photo by Alyssa Phillips Photography

Photo by Alyssa Phillips Photography

  1. Host a celebration in a historic home

  2. Gather your employees at a nearby watering hole and add special touches

10. Next Level Sponsored Events or Launches

11. Change up your conference dining!

Your attendees spend a lot of time in the meeting room looking at the same four walls. Marry the traditional setting of a hotel (with it’s room nights) with a new and fun outing to celebrate the end of your conference! A few inspirations:

  • Host a dine-around in your destination city in multiple locations with 100 people in each group. This breaks up the group into intimate sizes and helps people to connect more! That means a better memory of your event. Here are some venue ideas!

  • Host a large group outdoor dining experience with warm lighting and delicious local food. We love the feeling of San Xavier Mission!

Want to know more about how we create experiential and engaging events that give back to local causes? Find out Celebrate for Good parties with purpose here.

How to Reuse Your Thanksgiving Decor as Client Gift Wrap!


You have that box. Yes, you know the one. It is the equivalent of your junk drawer but filled with ribbon, paper and bags of holidays past — all of which you haven’t used at all (because you used it all before). If you are:

1. Looking for a fresh and new holiday gift look but don’t want to add to your ever-growing collection of holiday wrap

2. You have no idea what to do with your Thanksgiving floral or greenery

3. You like being environmentally conscious

4. You enjoy supporting local businesses

5. Really want to surprise and delight your clients or employees this year!

…then have we got a solution for you! This year, we used the decor from our Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving to send out client gifts — and we think they’ll love them. If you’d like to do the same, here are some quick and easy tips to follow!

Step 1: Grab a beautiful box!

We picked this one up from the storage section of the local Homegoods (not exactly local but the things that will go inside will be)!


Step 2: Add tissue paper and fresh floral to the bottom inside


Step 3: Add local favorites that share your city with others


Featured Here (all found at Why I Love Where I Live in Tucson):

Step 4: Add more tissue paper and floral


Step 5: Close up the box!

Step 6: Add some twine and fresh floral for a topping and slip the card underneath!


Step 7: Ship or hand deliver it!

These days, it is easy to send a quick email, but a warm and thoughtful gift is a welcomed surprise. Try it today and tag us on Instagram @ celebrate _ for _ good !

How To: A Last Minute Tablescape + Details for the Perfect Thanksgiving!

Creating the perfect fall setting for friends and family can be daunting — we are here to help! Need a last minute quick list to pull off your last minute get together? We’ve carefully curated your playlist, decor list and food list, all in one place!

  1. The Playlist

Every get together needs ambiance but the pressure of being the DJ is just too much! Here is a playlist we specially curated for the laid back gathering.

2. Decor List

To create this tablescape, grab the following items and lay them out in the middle of your table!

  • Asian Pears

  • Purple Grapes

  • Garden Tea Roses

  • Mauve Carnations

  • Golden Roses

  • Dried Eucalyptus

  • Fancy plastic silverware

  • Fancy gold plates

  • Stone black square plates

  • Gold Candle Stick Holders

  • Black Candle Sticks

  • Blue Tablecloth

  • Table + Chairs

3. The Food List

  • Citrus Spring Mix Salad

    • Spring Mix

    • Apples

    • White Balsamic Vinaigrette

  • Rosemary Potatoes

  • Cotija Cheese

  • Pita Chips

  • Lemon + Pepper Rotisserie Chicken

Cheers + Happy Thanksgiving from the CFG Team!

A special thanks to our partners on this shoot:

4 Event Venues That Highlight the Magic of Tucson

Tucson has always been a magical place filled with kind people, strong culture and great weather, but did you know it had some of the coolest venues in the country? Here is a list of our favorite venues you didn’t know existed!

1. Barrio House

Barrio House began as an automotive garage. In 2012, a local architect re-designed the space to optimize for indoor/outdoor flow and high-function. The shop was converted into the big house you see today, with the mechanic's original home turning into the guest house (available for a nights stay as well)! One of my favorite things about the property are the old growth mesquite trees, which provide a lot of shade, while the flowers, grape vines and other plants attract a lot of birds.

This is the perfect spot for small meetings, conference dine-arounds, team birthday celebrations or holiday events!


2. The Rooftop at Agustin Kitchen

Located within the newly developed Mercado District of Menlo Park and the future Mission District, the MSA has the benefit of being located in Tucson’s most beautiful new mixed-use transit oriented neighborhoods. The MSA is a unique venue that was built using LEED standards, uses in-season ingredients, and has a unique Tucson vibe within a historical Tucson neighborhood.

This is the perfect spot for a team outing, a client appreciation dinner or post conference get together!


Photo Credit: Kiley Harmon Photo

3. Hotel McCoy

Retro meets contemporary at this 1960’s mid-century modern art hotel. From the fully restored pool & cedar-lined sauna to the A-shaped entrance & exposed posts & beams, it’s the best of both worlds.

Tucson is their heart and they will share that with you when you are there. The lobby is adorned with pieces created by Arizona artists, the beer we serve was brewed just down the street, the wine they pour comes from AZ wine country and the coffee they brew was roasted right here in Tucson.

True to its roots, Hotel McCoy emphasizes function & affordability – offering fellow wanderers local style & high-end amenities at low rates.

This venue is perfect for team meetings, social outings or small conferences!

Copy Credit: Hotel McCoy


4. Presidio San Agustin

In February 2006, an archaeological excavation was performed at the Tucson Presidio San Agustin site in the heart of downtown Tucson. The excavation revealed an Archaic era pit-house, the foundation of the corner of the original Presidio and a number of objects ranging from Archaic pot sherds to Territorial period dishes, bottles and tools.

In more recent years, a construction project re-built the Presidio, honoring its past elements, including a 20 foot tall adobe tower (torreon) and high adobe walls..  The reconstruction incorporated an original adobe house from the Territorial period, the Jacomé-Siquieros family home, that sits on Court St. The reconstruction features only a small corner of the original Presidio. It includes a small enclosure, a store house, adobe brick piles and a Territorial plaza with an original heritage plants.

To provide a view into the remainder of what the 11-acre presidio would have looked like a large mural was painted by artist Bill Singleton on the south wall (neat)! This venue is perfect for the historically inclined and those wanting to honor Tucson’s culture through events!

Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 11.15.22 AM.png

2018's Coolest Holiday Party Trend: Drinkable Foam Art Cocktails

The standard beer and wine options are out, craft foam art cocktails are in.

Cocktails are traditionally thought of as an American innovation, but they were actually at least partly inspired by British punches—big bowls of spirits mixed with fruit juice, spices, and other flavors, consumed in punch houses in the 18th century.

The term cocktail was even first seen in a British newspaper printed March of 1798. But the term wasn’t really defined as we know it until 1806, when The Balance and Columbian Repository of Hudson, New York, pinned the cocktail down to what we follow today: “a stimulating liquor composed of any kind of sugar, water and bitters, vulgarly called a bittered sling.” (The sling had actually predated the cocktail, basically the same thing made without bitters.) Source:

And as the decades have progressed, so have the cocktail trends. The age of providing lackluster drink options at events has faded away and a new era of cocktail concocting has emerged. If you are in the throws of planning your next company holiday party and are feeling underwhelmed by the current options, there is a new wave of cocktail preferences for you! And yes, face-in-the-foam beverages are one of them.

1. Foam Face Cocktails

Drink by:  @sipmiusa   Photo by:  @bangastudios   Event:  @engagesummits   Venue:  @fairmontbanff

Drink by: @sipmiusa

Photo by: @bangastudios

Event: @engagesummits

Venue: @fairmontbanff

Photo by:  @sarabeebishop   Drink by:  @coupleofbartenders  (PHX)

Photo by: @sarabeebishop

Drink by: @coupleofbartenders (PHX)

Always wondering which drink is yours? Now you will definitively know, because your face will be painted among the foam in the most graceful and artistic way. Couple of Bartenders in Phoenix, Arizona and SipMiUSA both provide uniquely-you cocktails for an original signature cocktail idea — the perfect alternative to a standard adult beverage!

2. The Underground Art Foam

Cocktail By:  @theloyal   Photo By:  @ashaykawli

Cocktail By: @theloyal

Photo By: @ashaykawli

Photo By:  @ladidamag   Cocktail By:  @sethweinberg

Photo By: @ladidamag

Cocktail By: @sethweinberg

Since the early 1990’s, Banksy has eluded the people of the world, never revealing his identity. Despite his hidden persona, cocktail artists around the world are inspired by his art and have now translated it into the foam. This gem by The Loyal in New York City, is the perfect homage to the mysterious artist and we are sure it is delicious to boot!

3. The Branded Foam

Drink Credit:  @coupleofbartenders   Photo Credit:  @stevyfletcherphotography   Glassware:  @crateandbarrel
Drink Credit:  @aperitifnashville

Drink Credit: @aperitifnashville

You’ve seen the USBs branded with company logos, but have you seen a cocktail branded with a logo? Much more useful in the age of Google Drive we think. Our friends at Couple of Bartenders in Phoenix, Arizona and Aperitif Cocktails in Nashville whipped this up in a jiffy and made it look flawless!

4. The Floral and Fruity Foam

Drink Credit:  @aperitifnashville

Drink Credit: @aperitifnashville

Drink Credit:  @barcon_

Drink Credit: @barcon_

Sometimes drawings in the foam aren’t the only way to make a drink look beautifully put together. Good old fashion fruit and floral will do the trick in this scenario.

6 Salt Lake Venues to Host the Perfect Company Event That Gives Back!

Goodbye trustfalls, hello new team building.

Can we talk about the status of current company parties? A few questions:

  1. Why are they always in a ballroom?

  2. Why is the theme always so cheesy and awkward?

  3. Why can't they be different?

It is 2018, people! That means it is time to shake things up. We've put together a list of unique and sure to be experiential event spaces that will knock your socks off -- and hopefully make the interactions with your coworkers less awkward.

1. Church & State


Originally built in 1893 as a Christian Church, the building that is now Church & State has been a big part of Salt Lake City for 125 years. As a church, this was where people would come for help and guidance, and when the building was renovated, the new owners wanted to keep that in mind. Today, Church & State serves as a place for entrepreneurs to seek guidance and is a wonderful venue for all types of events to boot! This is the perfect venue for company holiday parties, cocktail hours, or small conferences!

2. The Clubhouse


The Ladies Literary Club (LLC) in the Central City neighborhood has been cultivating education, culture, and knowledge since 1877, before women had the right to attend universities. The birth of the LLC was a major push in the equality for women in Salt Lake City, and across the country, as it was the first chapter founded west of the Mississippi. Kind of a big deal.

As the club grew, the ladies ambitiously aspired to own a building. They banded together, and by 1898, they’d raised enough money to purchase their first clubhouse, located on 300 E, below South Temple. It was the first women’s clubhouse in the west, and they thrived in that location for the next 15 years. Then, in 1913, they made another bold move when they commissioned and built a more extravagant clubhouse, which still stands today at 850 E South Temple. It’s a grand example of Prairie-Style architecture, touting clean, horizontal lines, a grand auditorium, wood inlays, and beautiful, leaded glass. The clubhouse was designed by the local architecture firm of Ware and Treganza, who also designed several other Salt Lake City landmarks, including the Walker Mansion and the Commercial Club on Exchange Place. The cost to build was $32,507.94.

Over the last 100 years, the building has housed more than the LLC headquarters; countless charitable and educational efforts have run through, as well. The ‘Ladies’ helped create the first free public library, establish the first free kindergarten, and fund scholarships at the University of Utah. In 1977, the building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It was also made part of the South Temple Historic District by Salt Lake City’s Historic Landmarks Commission.

All told, 136 years of perseverance within the walls of 850 E South Temple have seen major cultural shift and forward progression for our city. Equality is an ongoing battle, but change has come, in many forms. Recent years saw club memberships decrease, and maintaining the building became a struggle. In response, the LLC decided to seek out a non-profit partner to help sustain themselves and take ownership of the building. A tough decision, no doubt, but this classy gang marched forward. On Tuesday, Februrary 5, 2013, we watched as the deed was gifted to their new, non-profit partner, The Utah Heritage Foundation. We can’t think of a better outfit to take care of this beautiful, historically significant building. Kirk Huffaker and crew will no doubt do their part in reconnecting the space with its community and helping the Ladies Literary Club continue their incredible legacy.

This venue is perfect for cocktail parties, conference presentations, a pop up concert series, or a dance party spot!

Copy Credit: Clubhouse Website (

DSC_0305 (1).jpg

Publik Coffee Roasters began as a dream to create a unique space for people to gather and turned into one of Salt Lake's most beloved coffee hot spots. Not only do they serve amazing lattes (like their recent concoction with brown sugar, almond, and cherry -- a flavored coffee dream), but they also provide an event space that is a blank canvas. This space is perfect for sit down dinners, cocktail parties, and they have a space that could be used for an after party (latte bar, anyone?!)


Ember is unlike any other space in Salt Lake City. With 5,700 sq. ft. and over 100 years of character, this urban space incorporates bright white walls, exposed brick and raw wood beams. Vaulted ceilings, a spiral staircase and custom built-in bar with a butcher block top are sure to set the stage for a memorable occasion.

This space is perfect for a cocktail party, sit down dinner, interactive art experience, or anything else we can dream up with you!

Copy Credit: Ember Website (About Section)


A small, local, and family-owned, Finca is focused on bringing great and unique food to Salt Lake City, Utah. No outside investors or corporate ownership here, but they do buy high-quality, sustainable ingredients largely from other local farms and businesses and have a fantastic front and back of house team that makes them shine.

The ambiance transports you into another world, feeling as if you have stepped into a local european hot spot. Oh, and the food and beverages are other worldly too. This is the perfect venue for a small team get-together or a meeting space that is outside of the usual board room. Either way, Finca is bound to make any business dealings more fun.

How to Host Your Own Desert Beer Campout in Five Easy Steps!

The Sonoran Desert is a wonderfully unique place. A clear view of the stars gives you a front row to the night sky, unique wildlife roams free, and wide open spaces provide a peace of mind you can't find in a bustling city.

This past weekend, we were able to experience an event that showcased the beauty of the desert in a unique way thanks to the folks at Casita De Grimes, who hosted a beer campout, an adult summer camp of sorts. They did such a beautiful job with the event details, so we'd thought we would share how to host your very own desert party in your back yard venue.

1. Invite Local Musicians to Share Their Talent

You can support local musicians and ensure that you have people on their feet dancing. Acoustic bands usually do best at the beginning of the event (during dinner or snacks) and upbeat bands can follow once everyone is feeling comfortable with their surroundings. The after party can bring back the acoustic folks while you sip drinks by the fire! 


2. Make Sure There is a School Bus

PC: @off_kilter_photos

PC: @off_kilter_photos

Alright, maybe this isn't required, but it is pretty darn cool. New Orleans based band St. Cinder came with their own school bus which was perfect for ambiance and for camping! 

3. Incorporate Light

PC: @hhhollylee

PC: @hhhollylee

String lights, a fire pit and light from the nearby homes made this event warm and glowy. Warmer lighting like candles or a campfire provide a certain touch that floodlights just can't accomplish. Besides, incorporating light into your theme is always a little safer -- everyone can see!

4. Provide Killer Food + Drinks

PC: @hhhollylee

PC: @hhhollylee

Pork sandwiches and locally brewed beer were on the menu this weekend, but you can come up with some fairly reasonably priced dishes of your own. Hobo meals can be cooked right on the fire! Of course, we always support local choices for both the food and beer if possible.

5. Be Present

PC: @hhhollylee

PC: @hhhollylee

Once the details are all taken care of, make sure to let it all go the day of. By this point, you can't change anything, so you might as well enjoy the day! We can also help with that by running everything the day of -- and the only thing you need to do is put your feet up and namaste.

6 Tucson Venues to Host the Perfect Company Event That Gives Back!

Goodbye trustfalls, hello new team building.

Can we talk about the status of current corporate events? A few questions:

  1. Why are they always in a ballroom?

  2. Why is the event theme always so cheesy and awkward?

  3. Why can't they be different?

It is 2018, people! That means it is time to shake things up. We've put together a list of unique and sure-to-be experiential event venue spaces that will knock your socks off -- and hopefully make the interactions with your coworkers less awkward.

1. Victorian Age Carriage House + Gardens


Kingan Gardens is located near downtown Tucson within the historical Kingan Building and features a beautiful garden area and nineteen hundreds carriage house. This venue provides the perfect space for a backyard vibe without having to use your own. Lawn games, spring cocktails, and small bites anyone? (note: max capacity 200 people)


Tumacácori National Historical Park is located in the upper Santa Cruz River Valley in Tucson with over 360 acres of land. The park protects the ruins of three Spanish mission communities, two of which are National Historic Landmark sites. It also contains the landmark 1937 Tumacácori Museum building, also a National Historic Landmark.

You can enjoy a dinner party on the lawn with a beautiful view of the Mission San José de Tumacácori or a concert with a beautiful backdrop?!

PC: Nieves Montaño Photography


Built in the 1950's The Rail Yard has been restored to create a unique venue space for all in a unique Tucson neighborhood. Phil Perry and his team have created a space that is welcoming, warm and rustic, perfect for holiday parties, team outings, or reunions! Not only do you get the space when you book this venue, but you also get the games that come with it (corn hole, ping pong and foosball to name a few)! GOODBYE TRUST FALL ACTIVITIES, this is the new team building.


Located just off of 6th avenue in the Tucson arts district, Crooked Tooth Brewery is a hidden venue gem with some of the best local brews.

Their patio is intimate and is complete with wood tables, colorful green chairs, and historic brick walls. This is the perfect spot for a beer pairing dinner, live music get together, or an after work happy hour!

Photo Credit:


Located on the second floor of The Brings Building on South Scott Avenue, this 2,000 sq. ft studio is the ideal setting for meetings, parties, and retreats. High ceilings, hardwood floors and white walls make it easily adapted to any decor and Tucson's Owl's Club is right down stairs (perfect for an after party). Break out of the usual board or team meeting and have it in a sunny space instead! Find Out More Here

Photo Credit: Creative Tribe


The San Pedro Chapel is a historic chapel was built in 1932, ad serves as an amazing Tucson venue. The original chapel that was built in this location in 1915 and was destroyed in by a tornado in 1929. Both chapels were constructed by the El Fuerte community.

The perks? Great acoustics for music, indoor and outdoor options, AND there is a hookup for a food truck (yes)!

8 Tucson Holiday Venues You Never Knew Existed

Finding the perfect Tucson venue for a company celebration or event can be painful, but it doesn’t have to be.

Luckily, you have us and we’re here to tell you about eight of our favorite Tucson venues and event spaces — but there’s definitely more and you can find them by browsing our website.

1. Historic Boarding House in Armory Park

Photo Courtesy of Shane Reiser

Photo Courtesy of Shane Reiser

This 19th-century boarding house is the coziest late-1800s home we’ve ever been in. Making it perfect for intimate evenings with friends. It’s just three blocks from downtown so you could still hit the town if you wanted.

2. Creative Tribe Studio

Photo by Priscila Matei Photography

Photo by Priscila Matei Photography

Besides being home to the already-cool pop-up events, the Creative Tribe Workshop’s minimal interior makes this venue incredibly versatile. Your friend’s bridal shower would look great here. Oh, and shares a sidewalk with Owl’s Club. After-party cocktails, anyone?

3. 1800's Converted Bakery in a Historic Neighborhood


It may not smell like freshly baked bread but the converted-from-bakery-to-residence building downtown does make the best venue for large parties with its comfortable patio and separate bedrooms. And its pink exterior and urban interior is going to look great on your Instagram.

4. El Presidio Grocery Market


This historic adobe home in downtown Tucson is super charming with its vintage decor and run-down aesthetic. Just imagine your next dinner party there: Everyone would be sipping on old fashioneds gathered around the piano.

5. San Pedro Chapel

Photo by Alyssa Gallion

Photo by Alyssa Gallion

You can smell the creosote and hear the birds chirping at the San Pedro Chapel. This place is perfect for the desert dweller, the Tucson-lover and/or the history buff. And the acoustics are perfect for surprise (or planned) performances.

6. Tumacacori National Park

Photo Source:

Photo Source:

There’s no reason to run out of things to talk about at Tumacacori National Park, you’ll be too busy talking about how beautiful it is. This preserved Spanish mission community would make the best backdrop for your next dinner party.

7. Historic Gardens in the Center of the Desert

Photo Credit: Sarita Mendez

Photo Credit: Sarita Mendez

Twinkly lights, small colorful buildings, and an intimate setting are waiting for you at the Kingan Gardens. It’s perfect for close friends, good food, and stargazing.

8. A Reinvented Warehouse in the Industrial District

Photo Credit Alyssa Smith Photography

Photo Credit Alyssa Smith Photography

Rail Yard means business. It’s so industrial chic with its exposed brick and copper tones. 

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3 Drink Recipes to Spice Up Your Next Event!

We were inspired to make cocktails, but with an Old Pueblo twist.

With the help of friends and our dreamy bartender Noah Meyer, we made two Tucson-inspired cocktails with our favorite Arizona-born whiskey. And you can too.

The first is The Open House margarita with clear Whiskey Del Bac mixed with maraschino liqueur, simple syrup, grapefruit, and lemon. The other is our Corona de Tucson made with the classic Whiskey Del Bac with sweet vermouth, ancho chile liqueur, coffee and orange bitters.

They’re easy to make and they’ll definitely impress your guests. Here are the full recipes:

The Open House

Photo Courtesy of Erin Brockel Photography

Photo Courtesy of Erin Brockel Photography


  • 1 oz. Whiskey Del Bac – Clear
  • 0.5 oz. Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur
  • 0.5 oz. Simple Syrup
  • 2 oz. Fresh grapefruit juice
  • Squeeze of lemon


Add all ingredients to cocktail shaker, add ice, shake like hell. Serve up in a cocktail coupe. Adjust the simple syrup based on how sweet or tart the grapefruits are.

Corona de Tucson

Photo Courtesy of Erin Brockel Photography

Photo Courtesy of Erin Brockel Photography


  • 1.5 oz. Whiskey Del Bac – Classic
  • 1 oz. Sweet Vermouth
  • 0.25 oz. Ancho chile Liqueur
  • 0.25 oz. Coffee
  • 2 dashes orange bitters


Combine all ingredients into a shaker and stir to chill with solid cubed ice. Strain out into a cocktail glass and garnish with coffee beans.


CFG Tucson Cocktails_Kristen Brockel_34.jpg


  • Three Wells Mt.Lemmon Gin
  • Ginger
  • Lemon 
  • Rosemary
  • Simple Syrup
  • Orange liqueur


Add all ingredients into a shaker to your liking and shake well. Add rosemary for a garnish!

Photo Courtesy of Erin Brockel Photography

Photo Courtesy of Erin Brockel Photography