How to Reuse Your Thanksgiving Decor as Client Gift Wrap!


You have that box. Yes, you know the one. It is the equivalent of your junk drawer but filled with ribbon, paper and bags of holidays past — all of which you haven’t used at all (because you used it all before). If you are:

1. Looking for a fresh and new holiday gift look but don’t want to add to your ever-growing collection of holiday wrap

2. You have no idea what to do with your Thanksgiving floral or greenery

3. You like being environmentally conscious

4. You enjoy supporting local businesses

5. Really want to surprise and delight your clients or employees this year!

…then have we got a solution for you! This year, we used the decor from our Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving to send out client gifts — and we think they’ll love them. If you’d like to do the same, here are some quick and easy tips to follow!

Step 1: Grab a beautiful box!

We picked this one up from the storage section of the local Homegoods (not exactly local but the things that will go inside will be)!


Step 2: Add tissue paper and fresh floral to the bottom inside


Step 3: Add local favorites that share your city with others


Featured Here (all found at Why I Love Where I Live in Tucson):

Step 4: Add more tissue paper and floral


Step 5: Close up the box!

Step 6: Add some twine and fresh floral for a topping and slip the card underneath!


Step 7: Ship or hand deliver it!

These days, it is easy to send a quick email, but a warm and thoughtful gift is a welcomed surprise. Try it today and tag us on Instagram @ celebrate _ for _ good !