The Top Corporate Culture Driving Events You Should Host in 2019


Employees are not engaged at work. As millenials dominate the workforce, issues of engagement and turnover are becoming increasingly important across corporations, because decreases in engagement and increases in turnover dramatically effect the bottom line.

In fact, the cost of millennial turnover is nearly $30 Billion in the US alone with 64% of all employees noting that they feel burned out either sometimes or most of the time. That’s a lot of people.

So the question then becomes, not only how do companies prevent burnout and turnover, but how do the reinvest in their culture to ensure both of those outcomes are accomplished?

One way to accomplish a more engaging cultural environment within your organization is to host events that involve experiential elements that boost morale, honor employee’s efforts, and celebrate the year by not working (i.e. holiday parties). Here at Celebrate for Good, we happen to match this experiential component with charitable giving aspect — you can find more information about our process here.

In the meantime, we have put together a list of events you can use to boost employee engagement and retention. If you need help with the rest — give us a ring!

  1. Milestone Socials

Photo Credit:  TJ Roxas Photography

Photo Credit: TJ Roxas Photography

Global studies have noted that 79% of people who quit their jobs cite “lack of appreciation” as their reason for leaving (source: Forbes). How can you accomplish employee recognition via events?

  • Appreciation dinners or cocktail dinners for your top sales people

  • Team happy hours for reaching quarterly

  • Anniversary events for employees who have been with the company for an extended period of time

  • Any other milestones you track each year — involve your employees by being transparent about when you reach your goals (and when you don’t) so that people feel a part of the mission and goals of the company!

2. Ropes Course Free Corporate Retreats

Photo Credit:  Holly H. Photography

Photo Credit: Holly H. Photography

The new team building isn’t more complicated, it doesn’t need bells and whistles, and it definitely does need a ropes course. Today’s generation is scaling things back to basics: quality time with other humans in unique settings. You can host a:

  • Beer campout

  • Cabin getaway

  • Glamping experience in a yurt (yes a yurt).

Remember that corporate retreats are spent with those you work with, but your employees don’t need to talk about work. The time you spend out of the office (not talking about the latest project you are working on) will naturally create more energy, better ideas and more focus on that project they left behind when they do return.

Want more proof? Check out this article from Fast Company “What Happened When I Moved”

3. Bon Voyage Events for Retirement and Exiting Employees

Hosting a celebration for an employee who will no longer contribute to your business may seem counter-intuitive. However, the last moments that those employees have with you will determine if they recommend you to other top talent in the future, which will effect your business. Besides, that employee contributed to the advancement of your company, and that should be honored! Here are a few ideas to get your mind jogging:

  1. Wine and Hors D’oeuvres night with a private chef

  2. Rooftop Dinner Party at Agustin Kitchen

4. The New Holiday Event

celebrate for good 014.jpg

Ballrooms have been the standard venue for corporate events for — well, forever. However, what has been done forever isn’t always the best option. Change up the locale of your holiday party from a giant room to a more intimate space (that still supports your guest count). A few ideas:

  1. A revamped warehouse space for a pop up concert

  2. A cooking class and three course meal taught and prepared by a local chef

  3. A sit down dinner in a historic location

5. Welcome Dinners

study by the analyst firm, the Aberdeen Group, found that 86% of the survey respondents said that as a new hire, their decision on whether they will stay with an organization is made within the first six months of employment. (Source: Emplo) A few ideas to welcome your newest team members:

We provide welcome dinners for new people at local companies so that your newest employees feel welcome in their new city and lay down roots where your company operates. For more information, email

6. Promotion Celebrations


It doesn’t have to be fancy — but it is nice to celebrate your accomplishments with your team (and perhaps your significant other)! A few ideas:

7. Better Meetings

Photo Credit: @starrherr (Instagram)

Photo Credit: @starrherr (Instagram)

Everyone has had that meeting that could have been an email. Make sure that your meetings are:

  • Working Meetings - Accomplish tasks while you are in the room so that you aren’t giving your employees additional “homework” to do when they get back to their desk (in addition to their already growing list of tasks)

  • Team Workshops - Learn something new as a team! Learn how to make something with your hands (see some of Creative Tribe Workshop’s events here), try a private wine tasting or take a field trip off site to do a little bit of meeting or a little bit of lounging (we recommend something like the new Under Canvas glamping spot at Tanque Verde Guest Ranch)

  • Weekend Brainstorm - Head to a place where ideas roam free (and decisions aren’t made quite yet). Stick them all on post-its and process them when you return to the company compound! A wine excursion with Rune Wines should do the trick.

8. Client Appreciation Dinners

CFG Tucson Cocktails_Kristen Brockel_42.jpg

Your clients are the life blood of your business. In a world where people pick up their phone to text more than they do to give someone a call, human connection is more important than ever. Sure, you can automate your lead-gen process but how long will that relationship last without a little building afterward? In fact, 68% of customers leave because they believe the business does not care about them. Wine and dine your clients in a unique way this year with:

9. Quarterly Birthday Celebrations

Photo by Alyssa Phillips Photography

Photo by Alyssa Phillips Photography

  1. Host a celebration in a historic home

  2. Gather your employees at a nearby watering hole and add special touches

10. Next Level Sponsored Events or Launches

11. Change up your conference dining!

Your attendees spend a lot of time in the meeting room looking at the same four walls. Marry the traditional setting of a hotel (with it’s room nights) with a new and fun outing to celebrate the end of your conference! A few inspirations:

  • Host a dine-around in your destination city in multiple locations with 100 people in each group. This breaks up the group into intimate sizes and helps people to connect more! That means a better memory of your event. Here are some venue ideas!

  • Host a large group outdoor dining experience with warm lighting and delicious local food. We love the feeling of San Xavier Mission!

Want to know more about how we create experiential and engaging events that give back to local causes? Find out Celebrate for Good parties with purpose here.