2018's Coolest Holiday Party Trend: Drinkable Foam Art Cocktails

The standard beer and wine options are out, craft foam art cocktails are in.

Cocktails are traditionally thought of as an American innovation, but they were actually at least partly inspired by British punches—big bowls of spirits mixed with fruit juice, spices, and other flavors, consumed in punch houses in the 18th century.

The term cocktail was even first seen in a British newspaper printed March of 1798. But the term wasn’t really defined as we know it until 1806, when The Balance and Columbian Repository of Hudson, New York, pinned the cocktail down to what we follow today: “a stimulating liquor composed of any kind of sugar, water and bitters, vulgarly called a bittered sling.” (The sling had actually predated the cocktail, basically the same thing made without bitters.) Source: https://vinepair.com/spirits-101/history-of-the-cocktail/

And as the decades have progressed, so have the cocktail trends. The age of providing lackluster drink options at events has faded away and a new era of cocktail concocting has emerged. If you are in the throws of planning your next company holiday party and are feeling underwhelmed by the current options, there is a new wave of cocktail preferences for you! And yes, face-in-the-foam beverages are one of them.

1. Foam Face Cocktails

Drink by:  @sipmiusa   Photo by:  @bangastudios   Event:  @engagesummits   Venue:  @fairmontbanff

Drink by: @sipmiusa

Photo by: @bangastudios

Event: @engagesummits

Venue: @fairmontbanff

Photo by:  @sarabeebishop   Drink by:  @coupleofbartenders  (PHX)

Photo by: @sarabeebishop

Drink by: @coupleofbartenders (PHX)

Always wondering which drink is yours? Now you will definitively know, because your face will be painted among the foam in the most graceful and artistic way. Couple of Bartenders in Phoenix, Arizona and SipMiUSA both provide uniquely-you cocktails for an original signature cocktail idea — the perfect alternative to a standard adult beverage!

2. The Underground Art Foam

Cocktail By:  @theloyal   Photo By:  @ashaykawli

Cocktail By: @theloyal

Photo By: @ashaykawli

Photo By:  @ladidamag   Cocktail By:  @sethweinberg

Photo By: @ladidamag

Cocktail By: @sethweinberg

Since the early 1990’s, Banksy has eluded the people of the world, never revealing his identity. Despite his hidden persona, cocktail artists around the world are inspired by his art and have now translated it into the foam. This gem by The Loyal in New York City, is the perfect homage to the mysterious artist and we are sure it is delicious to boot!

3. The Branded Foam

Drink Credit:  @coupleofbartenders   Photo Credit:  @stevyfletcherphotography   Glassware:  @crateandbarrel
Drink Credit:  @aperitifnashville

Drink Credit: @aperitifnashville

You’ve seen the USBs branded with company logos, but have you seen a cocktail branded with a logo? Much more useful in the age of Google Drive we think. Our friends at Couple of Bartenders in Phoenix, Arizona and Aperitif Cocktails in Nashville whipped this up in a jiffy and made it look flawless!

4. The Floral and Fruity Foam

Drink Credit:  @aperitifnashville

Drink Credit: @aperitifnashville

Drink Credit:  @barcon_

Drink Credit: @barcon_

Sometimes drawings in the foam aren’t the only way to make a drink look beautifully put together. Good old fashion fruit and floral will do the trick in this scenario.