4 Event Venues That Highlight the Magic of Tucson

Tucson has always been a magical place filled with kind people, strong culture and great weather, but did you know it had some of the coolest venues in the country? Here is a list of our favorite venues you didn’t know existed!

1. Barrio House

Barrio House began as an automotive garage. In 2012, a local architect re-designed the space to optimize for indoor/outdoor flow and high-function. The shop was converted into the big house you see today, with the mechanic's original home turning into the guest house (available for a nights stay as well)! One of my favorite things about the property are the old growth mesquite trees, which provide a lot of shade, while the flowers, grape vines and other plants attract a lot of birds.

This is the perfect spot for small meetings, conference dine-arounds, team birthday celebrations or holiday events!


2. The Rooftop at Agustin Kitchen

Located within the newly developed Mercado District of Menlo Park and the future Mission District, the MSA has the benefit of being located in Tucson’s most beautiful new mixed-use transit oriented neighborhoods. The MSA is a unique venue that was built using LEED standards, uses in-season ingredients, and has a unique Tucson vibe within a historical Tucson neighborhood.

This is the perfect spot for a team outing, a client appreciation dinner or post conference get together!


Photo Credit: Kiley Harmon Photo

3. Hotel McCoy

Retro meets contemporary at this 1960’s mid-century modern art hotel. From the fully restored pool & cedar-lined sauna to the A-shaped entrance & exposed posts & beams, it’s the best of both worlds.

Tucson is their heart and they will share that with you when you are there. The lobby is adorned with pieces created by Arizona artists, the beer we serve was brewed just down the street, the wine they pour comes from AZ wine country and the coffee they brew was roasted right here in Tucson.

True to its roots, Hotel McCoy emphasizes function & affordability – offering fellow wanderers local style & high-end amenities at low rates.

This venue is perfect for team meetings, social outings or small conferences!

Copy Credit: Hotel McCoy


4. Presidio San Agustin

In February 2006, an archaeological excavation was performed at the Tucson Presidio San Agustin site in the heart of downtown Tucson. The excavation revealed an Archaic era pit-house, the foundation of the corner of the original Presidio and a number of objects ranging from Archaic pot sherds to Territorial period dishes, bottles and tools.

In more recent years, a construction project re-built the Presidio, honoring its past elements, including a 20 foot tall adobe tower (torreon) and high adobe walls..  The reconstruction incorporated an original adobe house from the Territorial period, the Jacomé-Siquieros family home, that sits on Court St. The reconstruction features only a small corner of the original Presidio. It includes a small enclosure, a store house, adobe brick piles and a Territorial plaza with an original heritage plants.

To provide a view into the remainder of what the 11-acre presidio would have looked like a large mural was painted by artist Bill Singleton on the south wall (neat)! This venue is perfect for the historically inclined and those wanting to honor Tucson’s culture through events!

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