6 Salt Lake Venues to Host the Perfect Company Event That Gives Back!

Goodbye trustfalls, hello new team building.

Can we talk about the status of current company parties? A few questions:

  1. Why are they always in a ballroom?

  2. Why is the theme always so cheesy and awkward?

  3. Why can't they be different?

It is 2018, people! That means it is time to shake things up. We've put together a list of unique and sure to be experiential event spaces that will knock your socks off -- and hopefully make the interactions with your coworkers less awkward.

1. Church & State


Originally built in 1893 as a Christian Church, the building that is now Church & State has been a big part of Salt Lake City for 125 years. As a church, this was where people would come for help and guidance, and when the building was renovated, the new owners wanted to keep that in mind. Today, Church & State serves as a place for entrepreneurs to seek guidance and is a wonderful venue for all types of events to boot! This is the perfect venue for company holiday parties, cocktail hours, or small conferences!

2. The Clubhouse


The Ladies Literary Club (LLC) in the Central City neighborhood has been cultivating education, culture, and knowledge since 1877, before women had the right to attend universities. The birth of the LLC was a major push in the equality for women in Salt Lake City, and across the country, as it was the first chapter founded west of the Mississippi. Kind of a big deal.

As the club grew, the ladies ambitiously aspired to own a building. They banded together, and by 1898, they’d raised enough money to purchase their first clubhouse, located on 300 E, below South Temple. It was the first women’s clubhouse in the west, and they thrived in that location for the next 15 years. Then, in 1913, they made another bold move when they commissioned and built a more extravagant clubhouse, which still stands today at 850 E South Temple. It’s a grand example of Prairie-Style architecture, touting clean, horizontal lines, a grand auditorium, wood inlays, and beautiful, leaded glass. The clubhouse was designed by the local architecture firm of Ware and Treganza, who also designed several other Salt Lake City landmarks, including the Walker Mansion and the Commercial Club on Exchange Place. The cost to build was $32,507.94.

Over the last 100 years, the building has housed more than the LLC headquarters; countless charitable and educational efforts have run through, as well. The ‘Ladies’ helped create the first free public library, establish the first free kindergarten, and fund scholarships at the University of Utah. In 1977, the building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It was also made part of the South Temple Historic District by Salt Lake City’s Historic Landmarks Commission.

All told, 136 years of perseverance within the walls of 850 E South Temple have seen major cultural shift and forward progression for our city. Equality is an ongoing battle, but change has come, in many forms. Recent years saw club memberships decrease, and maintaining the building became a struggle. In response, the LLC decided to seek out a non-profit partner to help sustain themselves and take ownership of the building. A tough decision, no doubt, but this classy gang marched forward. On Tuesday, Februrary 5, 2013, we watched as the deed was gifted to their new, non-profit partner, The Utah Heritage Foundation. We can’t think of a better outfit to take care of this beautiful, historically significant building. Kirk Huffaker and crew will no doubt do their part in reconnecting the space with its community and helping the Ladies Literary Club continue their incredible legacy.

This venue is perfect for cocktail parties, conference presentations, a pop up concert series, or a dance party spot!

Copy Credit: Clubhouse Website (http://clubhouseslc.com/)

DSC_0305 (1).jpg

Publik Coffee Roasters began as a dream to create a unique space for people to gather and turned into one of Salt Lake's most beloved coffee hot spots. Not only do they serve amazing lattes (like their recent concoction with brown sugar, almond, and cherry -- a flavored coffee dream), but they also provide an event space that is a blank canvas. This space is perfect for sit down dinners, cocktail parties, and they have a space that could be used for an after party (latte bar, anyone?!)


Ember is unlike any other space in Salt Lake City. With 5,700 sq. ft. and over 100 years of character, this urban space incorporates bright white walls, exposed brick and raw wood beams. Vaulted ceilings, a spiral staircase and custom built-in bar with a butcher block top are sure to set the stage for a memorable occasion.

This space is perfect for a cocktail party, sit down dinner, interactive art experience, or anything else we can dream up with you!

Copy Credit: Ember Website (About Section) http://emberslc.com/about/


A small, local, and family-owned, Finca is focused on bringing great and unique food to Salt Lake City, Utah. No outside investors or corporate ownership here, but they do buy high-quality, sustainable ingredients largely from other local farms and businesses and have a fantastic front and back of house team that makes them shine.

The ambiance transports you into another world, feeling as if you have stepped into a local european hot spot. Oh, and the food and beverages are other worldly too. This is the perfect venue for a small team get-together or a meeting space that is outside of the usual board room. Either way, Finca is bound to make any business dealings more fun.