about the venue


A historical haven for your next get-together.

Originally built in 1893 as a Christian Church, the building that is now Church & State has been a big part of Salt Lake City for 125 years. As a church, this was where people would come for help and guidance, and when the building was renovated, the new owners wanted to keep that in mind. Today, Church & State serves as a place for entrepreneurs to seek guidance and is a wonderful venue for all types of events to boot! This is the perfect venue for company holiday parties, cocktail hours, or small conferences!


What it looks like


About The Venue Host

Ian Stuper has been in the hospitality, restaurant and bar business for nearly 20 years.

He attended Scottsdale Culinary Institute and cut his teeth working in restaurants in the Phoenix area ranging from fast casual to fine dining to baking to rock clubs to everything in between!

He moved down to Tucson a few years back to pursue his interests in all things wine and winemaking.

Three Fun Facts About Him:

- He has a St. Bernard named Gregg.

- He can play several musical instruments.

- He loves tattoos and has quite a few himself.