Frequently Asked Questions


What type of events does Celebrate For Good plan?

Here at Celebrate For Good, we do corporate events and experiences for non-profit companies. We do not currently take weddings. Here’s some examples of what we can plan here and what we’ve done in the past here. We would love to plan events with you!

Why do we need an event planner?

An event planner can give you peace of mind to enjoy your night without worrying about going through the motions of planning an event.

How is Celebrate For Good different than other event planners?

We not only take care of the logistics that event planners do, but we also give back to our communities through donating some proceeds to non-profit organizations.

What event management services do you provide?

We provide a variety of services. Here’s what we offer:

  • Event planning including an expert phone call

  • Experience design (what will make your guests say ‘wow!’?)

  • Budget planning

  • RSVP tracking

  • Communications with guests

  • Day of coordination

  • Vendor management + payments

  • Post-event survey to gauge success

  • Donation to your chosen cause, etc.

How can I become a client?

You can visit www.celebrateforgood.com and start building your rough estimate of your event or you can email alyssa@celebrateforgood.com.

How far in advance do I need to book your services?

We will accept a client in as little as a month. However, to get all of your preferred vendors, we recommend booking at least two months out.

How early should I start planning an event?

We recommend smaller corporate events at least 2-4 months in advance and for holidays parties, 3-6 months before the event is standard. If you’re wanting to host a gala or larger event, we recommend contacting us at least 10 months to 1 year before the event. However, feel free to contact us no matter your time frame and we will see if it is a good fit.

Can I choose the non-profit I donate to?

You are more than welcome to choose one. However, if you don’t have a preference, we have a list of non-profits we recommend.

How far will you travel for an event?

We serve clients in Tucson, AZ, Salt Lake City, UT, Austin, TX, and Nashville, TN.

How can I hear about all your recent events and ideas?

To get information and see pictures of recent events, you can visit our website here or you can visit our Instagram account here.

What are your favorite aspects of event planning?

Our team loves knowing all of the hard work that goes into events and seeing how a room can transform into a completely different place. Seeing the effect it has on people when they walk into a room is so rewarding.

What experiences did you have before entering the industry?

I got started with event planning when I planned our high school carnival. The previous year, there were 300 people and the following year there were 3,000 attendees. That was the moment I knew I needed to go down this path.

What are some general tips you have to help us prepare for our event?

Here’s some tips for planning your first event:

  • Have a checklist!

  • Involve experience from the get-go -- how will your attendees react from start to finish?

  • Don’t do the same thing that everyone has done already!

What are the fees for planning an event?

When planning your event, we take 10% of the overall budget with a minimum event budget of $1000.

What does it cost for the entire event?

The cost of the event depends on what budget you have. You can build your ideal event using our event builder here. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

How do I know if Celebrate For Good is a good fit for us?

It’s hard to begin planning an event while doing everything required of you for your normal job too. It’s too much! If you want to host an amazing event for your employees/peers/clients and get the credit without the work -- we can help!

Event Coordination

Who handles my events?

We have a qualified event designer and day-of-event staff to help you with your events! Depending on the availability and the needs of your event, you will be paired with the corresponding event planner. Everyone is qualified and wonderful to work with -- we promise!

What is event design?

Event design is the process of creating a vision for an event and then designing all of the visual details to transform your space and tie it all together -- from the decor, to the activities and even the food!

What is the difference between event design and event planning?

We use design thinking to walk through how your guest will feel from the moment they walk in the door until they leave the event -- hopefully discussing it after too! Think of it as how the attendees will interact with the event. We take care of the logistics and feeling all at the same time!

How many events should I have per year?

That all depends on your company goals and how often you’d like to engage your staff. From our experience, most company events happen quarterly, but you can do as many as you’d like.

How many people can we have at an event?

We serve events from 25-250 people on average. If you have a special circumstance that falls outside of this category, we are happy to see if it is a good fit!

Will I be a part of planning the event?

You can be involved or hands off as you would like. Ideally, we have an initial call with your vision and we take it from there. We will continuously update you as items are books, RSVPs are made, etc. It’s keeping you in the loop without you having to worry about a thing!

How many times do we need to meet with you before the event?

We meet with you for an initial call, send you confirmations when each vendor is booked and then you can show up the day of the event. We truly do take care of it all.

What support do you have for events?

All of our vendors set up their own decor, food, etc. so they come with an extension of staff typically Additionally, we typically have two event staff (event planner and an assistant) the day of the event.

Are you there during the event?

Our Celebrate For Good team is present during the entire time. We set it up and take it down so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

How available are you on the day of the event?

Corporate events typically last about three hours. Our team arrives to the venue two hours before the event to set up and stays one hour after to take down everything for a total of six hours. However, if it is a larger event, we may be there longer to set up.

Are there any events you don’t do?

We stick to business to business events such as corporate,non-profits, and other organizational events. Even though we don’t do weddings or private personal events, we do have excellent recommendations.

What is the difference between an event planner and a venue coordinator?

Venue coordinators make sure you have a location to host your event and will let you know what items they include or they currently have. Event planners are able to take that information and design an event around that by finding items to fill the spaces in between.

Do you charge separately for any event services?

Nope! There are no hidden fees. We only charge 10% of the overall budget like we previously mentioned. You can view all of our pricing details ‘here’.


Do you have an exclusive list of vendors you use?

We do! We carefully curate our list of vendors based upon reliability, quality and taste level to create a unique experiential event that people are sure to talk about for years to come.

How do you select your vendors?

We handpicked our vendors to meet the highest quality standards. We carefully curate them based upon the following stipulations:

  • Aesthetics

  • Quality Work

  • Reliability

  • Responsiveness

  • Ability to build relationships and community

Who are some of the vendors you work with?

We work with florists, photographers, videographers, unique and historical venues, people who design branded t-shirts on site, live muralists, musicians and more! You can see some of the vendors we work with using our event builder here.

Do you work with other professionals in the Tucson area for your events?

We do! We partner with other event planners and designers to create the best experiences for our guests. We believe that community over competition is important and that we can rely on others for their field of expertise.

Do I have to go through any vendors if I want you as my event coordinator?

You can use our vendors without event planning, however, our clients typically prefer full service planning to put their minds at ease! This is the easiest process for both parties.

What event spaces do you recommend in Tucson?

We have a carefully curated list of venues that we work with and recommend! You can find 4 venues that highlight the magic of Tucson here and the full list of venues here.

What florists do you recommend in Tucson?

We love working with florists! We recommend Bloom Maven, Eastland Alley, and Best Buds to name a few. You can find our full list of florist here.

What caterers do you recommend in Tucson?

We have so many amazing caterers that make the most delicious food. We recommend Boca Tacos, Anello Pizzeria, and Seis Kitchen just to name a few. If you prefer a private chef we also have a list of incredible chefs you can choose from. You can find our full list of caterers here.