Celebrate for Good carefully curates the industry’s best event venues and vendors to elevate your corporate event to the next level.

You use our event builder to calculate how much you’d like to spend on event elements (i.e. a private chef or a venue), we do all of the work behind the scenes and 5% goes to the charity of your choice. Your vision + our work = your company’s success!



Trust falls and ropes courses are so yesterday. Our concierge event designers help to create a unique and engaging experience for your employees that also give back to local causes. More so now than ever, the new employee is looking to work for a company that constantly innovates and has a purpose — we help you accomplish both!

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No one wants to work at a company that is all work and no play! For thousands of years, people have been bonding over food, drinks and fun activities, we include all of them in each of our unique social events. Rooftop dinner party? Check. A live virtual reality experience to take your guests through? Check. A conference dine-around to fully immerse your attendees in the city you are hosting with? Check and check. The possibilities are endless!



Every company has to have a company holiday party! However, that meat and cheese platter in the corner of the room isn’t going to cut it for your experiential driven employees anymore. That’s where we come in! From hosting an intimate dinner in a historical home to a Great Gatsby speakeasy — our team is open to the challenge.

We were about to host a brand new event, with (hopefully) a totally new and unique look to anything we’d done before....meaning I had no idea where to start! I had been executing events for over 10 years, but sometimes that becomes a hindrance to “thinking outside the box”. The guests were blown away! Many had been to our events in the past, and they absolutely loved the decor and feel. We were lucky to book a beautiful venue on it’s own, and guests kept saying “I didn’t know it could get any more beautiful!”
— Stacy Gopp (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation)
What an organized, responsible, and kind staff! Their aesthetics are spot on. Thanks for a stunning and entertaining event!
— Alyssa Padilla (Arizona Center for Rural Health)

A Soul Food Soiree!


We held a small dinner party for a team social outing of twenty to support Ben's Bells at Agustin Kitchen. This party with purpose included family-style fried chicken, corn bread with honey butter, and a spiked sweet tea to celebrate the southern, soul-fried theme. Sprawling florals were provided by the talented Best Buds Botanical and a total of $200 was raised for their cause of choice!

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