the party

The Lost Barrio is a historical gem just outside of downtown Tucson, a place that housed Tucson’s original theater district, before the warehouses (seen in the photos below) were built in 1908. Now the numbers on the old warehouses are secondary to the vibrant colors and painted signs that distinguish one business from another, businesses capitalizing on art, exotica and the beauty of the Southwest and Mexican cultures. (source: Arizona Daily Star - April 28, 1995).

To honor the history (but with a new spin), we reopened the formerly known Tooley’s Cafe to 30 guests and hosted a popup concert to support local musicians. The donation generated from this event was given to the family of Keli May Rutledge (one of the original musicians to play who passed away in a tragic car accident). It was a special moment to honor both the memories of what the Lost Barrio was before and to memorialize Keli and her beautiful spirit.