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About Utah Community Action

Utah Community Action is a multi-faceted agency that helps low-income individuals and families overcome barriers to self-sufficiency. Utah Community Action helps remove these barriers through six core programs.

To find and implement the best solutions to poverty, Utah Community Action frequently works with community members and organizations like the following:

  • Interns from the Department of Workforce Services

  • Senior workers from SCSEP

  • Courts that assign community service

  • Service-learning students

  • Volunteers

You can find out more about Utah Community Action on their website.

How You Are Helping

For every $500 invested into Utah Community Action, you will potentially:

  • Provide utilities assistance for 5 Families

  • Provide classroom supplies, medical supplies, and pay for children who don’t have insurance to go to the doctor, receive items such as toothbrushes and sunscreen

  • Provide 50 head start children with nutritious meals

How It Works

  • You select the nonprofit you would like us to donate to

  • We send the donation (4% of our profits) to the cause of your choice (within 48 hours after your event date)

  • We send 1% of our profits to Breast Cancer Foundations in the cities in which we operate in addition to this donation!

  • We send an email with photos and video of the event, along with how much was donated as a result of your event