We make it easy to be a creative entrepreneur.


Stop wasting time sending one million emails back and forth.

We know the struggle is real. You started out being a creative entrepreneur to follow your passion, doing what you do best: creating. Unfortunately, every day since then has been posting to Facebook, making sure your taxes are in order, and sending one million emails back and forth with clients. That leaves little to no time to work on what you do best.

That's where we come in. We are streamlining the process for events, allowing hosts to plan an entire party from start to finish using the best curated vendors (THAT'S YOU), so that they have unique and meaningful experiences that make lasting memories. The best part? We coordinate all of the event and party planning details, so you only have to deal with ONE person (THAT'S US). Meanwhile, you get to create until your creative heart is content. And that makes everyone happy.


How does it work?

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